Halls Club and More……

Hello Loves,

I went against my Bobcat Country ways and headed over to the Halls Republican meeting last Monday.  The Halls Republicans club meets on the 3rd Monday at 6:30 of each month at the Boys and Girls Club on Dry Gap Rd.

There was a group of about 25 at this meeting with a mix of young and older republicans.  A very surprising announcement was that Bobby Waggoner will not be running for Sheriff and is giving all his support to Tom Spangler.  Waggoner ran four years ago and lost against Sheriff J.J. Jones so a few of us were thinking it was going to be a three way race but so far it’s just a two way race.

The speaker was Nick McBride who is running for Register of Deeds, since Sherry Witt is term limited and is running for Foster Arnett’s title as County Clerk. It’s definitely a job moving time as many in local offices are hopping from job to job.

So, on to the information about McBride, he’s worked at the Register of Deeds for over than 27 years!! He’s a long devoted Republican, who even worked with R Larry to make the GOP book bigger and better. He spoke about all his jobs he’s had and what he’s done, but here’s the real info.

During the Q&A segment a member asked about technology and how the office would change. McBride answered with, “Who knows what the future holds, but there’s currently a paper free, and they will move with the times.”  The office is losing a long lived member that knows where all the data is that the comes through the Deeds office and that job will have to be replace. Anyone need a job?
It appears that State Representative Roger Kane may also be running for the same position, or so I’ve been told……

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