Gas Tax……

Hello Loves,

Zoom Gas tax is what is on everyone’s minds right now, We have heard all the information, the news stories and heard the commercials and now they have voted and the verdict is….. Gas Tax was approved 60 Ayes which means Yes, and 37 Noes Which means No.

Below is a full list of votes but here’s how the Knox County Delegation voted.

Yes Votes: State Representatives Eddie Smith, Martin Daniel, Rick Staples, Harry Brooks, Bill Dunn, and Senators Becky Duncan Massey and Richard Briggs.

No Votes: State Representatives Roger Kane and Jason Zachary.

Here’s the list of the State Representatives that voted yes: Akbari, Alexander, Beck, Harry Brooks, Brooks K., Camper, Dale Carr, Carter, Clemmons, Coley, Cooper, Curcio, Martin Daniel, DeBerry, Doss, Bill Dunn, Eldridge, Andrew Farmer, Favors, Fitzhugh, Forgety, Gilmore, Gravitt, Halford, Hazlewood, Hicks, Holsclaw, Howell, Jernigan, Johnson, Jones, Keisling, Love, Lynn, Marsh, McCormick, McDaniel, Miller, Mitchell, Parkinson, Pitts, Powell, John Ragan, Bob Ramsey, Sanderson, Sargent, Shaw, Eddie Smith, Rick Staples, Stewart, Art Swann, Thompson, Tillis, Towns, Travis, Turner, White M., Whitson, Wirgau, Madam Speaker Beth Harwell — 60.

Representatives voting No were: Butt, Byrd, Kent Calfee, Crawford, Jeremy Faison, Gant, Goins, Hardaway, Hawk, Hill M., Hill T., Holt, Hulsey, Roger Kane, Kumar, Lamberth, Littleton, Lollar, Matheny, Jimmy Matlock, Moody, Pody, Powers, Reedy, Rogers, Rudd, Sexton C., Sexton J., Sherrell, Sparks, Terry, Van Huss, Weaver, White D., Williams, Windle, Jason Zachary — 37.

The Senators voting yes were: Bailey, Bell, Dr. Richard Briggs, Crowe, Dickerson, Gardenhire, Haile, Harper, Harris, Jackson, Johnson,Kelsey,Ketron,Kyle,Lundberg, Becky Duncan Massey, Norris, Doug Overbey, Stevens, Tate, Tracy,Watson,Ken Yager, Yarbro, Mr. Speaker Randy McNally — 25.

Senators voting no were: Beavers, Bowling, Gresham, Hensley, Frank Niceley, Roberts — 6.

I’m not going to get into why I feel people voted the way there did, I will use this as a plug for if you don’t want something it’s your job to call the Representative and Senator that Works for you! Staying in touch with them and knowing what they are voting for is important for you and your pocket!


If you don’t like how this vote went, many groups like this one, repeal the gas tax effort, are working to get the gas tax repealed.  Get involved in YOUR government.


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