One Common Factor….

Hello Loves,

The news of this week has been all about the Knox County mayoral race! Glenn Jacobs aka KANE from WWE has finally entered the race. As of now it’s only Glenn Jacobs and Bob Thomas. Yes, I’m aware that more have filed paperwork to run; however, until they officially announce that they’re running it’s just a rumor or an old fashion publicity stunt for who knows what.

So, for now the rumble is what all does Jacobs and Thomas believe in. Their is one common factor they both share and that’s a metro style form of government. This would be a huge change for Knox County if implemented

In simple terms metro government is a consolidation of governments. For example: Knoxville Police Department would be the ones on the ground while the Knox County Sheriff’s Department would just be over the jail. The sheriff’s job would be to regulate the jail and the officers that work there. This means that many of the employees of the Sheriff would be sent back to work the jail and not on the road, and for some of them that’s a demotion. There are arguments for and against metro government. Those for it believe it would lead to a more efficient run government, and those against it believe the system works perfectly fine now.

Nashville and Davidson County is like this now and I feel that both mayoral candidates envision Knox County as one of the top counties in Tennessee.

Will this ever get passed who knows, but for now this idea is the one thing that ties both candidates together?

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