Grilled Cheese and YUM!

Hello Loves,

Join me in welcoming another great advertiser that’s bringing people into Knoxville and helping it grow, Chelsea’s Food Truck, is a sassy mood crafty food gourmet that you will all love

Chelsea’s prices range from $5 to $10, for her grilled cheeses and homemade soup. Do not let the word grilled cheeses fool you, she also has a delicious bacon, lettuce, pimento cheese and tomato sandwich also known as a BLT that makes me want to follow her everywhere she goes.


Here is a list of places and times where she will be this weekend:

Friday- Honeybee South Knox from 6-9pm

Saturday- Backroads Market and Designs, Swing into Spring from 11:-3pm

Sunday- Bearden Beer Market, Marathon Day, starting at Noon.


So, go see her this weekend and enjoy her food, for with every bite, she is spreading her passion for cooking with our great city of Knoxville.  It’s a pink truck that you can’t miss!

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