Democratic Convention

Hello Loves,

Over the weekend Knoxville had their Democratic Convention.

Local Democrats elected a new Chairperson: Emily Gregg.

Gregg made a pretty good speech to begin her time as Chair of the Knox County Democratic Party. She thanked everyone who wanted to be apart of leadership, and thanked Rep. Rick Staples, for nominating her, which was not a surprise, as she had been a volunteer in one of Staples’ many campaigns.


Gregg spoke about how every voice should be heard for a democracy to be truly representative.  I’ll give her credit, Gregg really seemed to light a fire under the seats of every Democrat in the room, even if they felt like they’re where fighting impossible odds. Those were her words, not mine.

Gregg claimed compassion filled the hearts of every Democrat in Knox County; evidently that is an emotion foreign to Republicans.

The Democrat party is fired up to engage new voters and elect more Democrats in Knoxville.  That will be an uphill battle in this red county, especially outside the city limits.

Besides a new Chair Woman, Democrats elected Linda Haney Vice Chair, Shannon Webb Treasurer and Alli Cohn as Secretary.
A list of meetings and more info can be found

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