Pretentious Beer and Glass?

Hello Loves,

Pretentious Beer is located in the Heart of the Old City that mixes craft beer and Kombucha in hand- blown glassware. Owner Matthew Cummings has created an atmosphere that creates art with craft beers, which you can’t find anywhere else in Knoxville.

This is another craft beer company to add to our growing Knoxville craft beer loving area.  What sets Pretentious apart is the atmosphere with art on the walls.  The taps are also stunning glass-made right on the other side of the bar and a patio that you can see the back of the GFC sign with lights. There is also a large wooden Jumanji  game  and a intimate stage, making it the perfect setting for a big group to just hang out.

It was a coldish night but I enjoyed walking from the Glass gallery to the patio with my beer in hand.  The artist changes every month, which gives one another reason to go back at least once a month.  The artist that was there was Jonny Glass; it was like watching an intricate ballet as he turned minerals into glass in a red hot fire in 2 giant furnaces.  Jonny worked with a partner, as they knew exactly what to do to make unique wine glasses.   They would heat the glass and hammer it down then reheat it and gently roll to make the shape that they desired and once they are done you can buy them and take them home that night.

Pretentious Beer Co. is open Wednesday- Thursday 4pm- 10pm

Friday-Saturday 4pm-12pm

Sunday 12pm-8pm


With the Glass side open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm

Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday 3pm-9pm

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