Lunch on Friday?

Hello Loves,

My Favorite Mayor, Tim Burchett is making sure that everyone sees how important Knox County is for a statewide race. Could this be because he may be running for a statewide race, one can only wish? He will be hosting Dr. Mark Green Friday at Vol Market 3 at 11:30-1. Senator Green is considered to be the most conservative to run for governor. Currently he serves as 1st Vice-Chair, of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee along with being a member of the Senate Energy, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee. He is one of two confirmed candidates for Tennessee governor alongside Randy Boyd.


Vol Market 3 has been the go to place for politicos around the state to make an appearance at. Last year Mayor Burchett hosted two other possible gubernatorial candidates at Vol Market, Congresswoman Diane Black and House Speaker Beth Harwell. I reported earlier this year that Mayor Burchett hosted Senator Mark Norris, another possible candidate for governor.

This is a great opportunity for members of the community to have a meet and greet with Dr. Mark Green. On a side note Vol Market is famous for their chili dogs and sweet tea.

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