Real News Prep Show

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A new Radio Show is taking Knoxville by storm, 92.3’s Real News Prep Show, airs from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. It’s an hour and a half of your drive that you do not want to miss. You’ll hear about local, state, and even national news, along with what’s going on around the world. This talk show seems to engage everyone.  David S Thompson, better known as “Shyne” is the leader of the pack of this show and boy ol boy can he get you worked up weather you are on his side or not.


This isn’t his first talk show. He was a part of 94.3’s the Rude Awakening morning show before the station changed formats. That was a good start but the Real News Prep Show seems to have lit a fire under Thompson to make sure people are informed and in the know. He has an open mind like a libertarian, a fight like a democrat, and knows his stuff like a republican, but his show isn’t just a call in and complain kinda show. He opens up about local developments but also adds a hint of what’s going on in Washington D.C.

His co-host, Grant Henry, also knows his stuff and stays on top with daily heart touching stories and interesting topics like the Amazon’s Alexa being connected to the C.I.A. It’s a quick show but for the hour and a half it fills you with enough information to keep you held over until the next show.


In the first week of the show they have had many guests including Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Knox County Commissioner At Large and Mayoral candidate Bob Thomas, Kenny Collins and yours truly.  Next week guests will include possible Knox County mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs and Knox County Mayor Burchett .This radio show may be the best place for government officials’ and new business to get there word out, well besides McCalla Around Knoxville of course.

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