Staples New Bill

Hello Loves,


Newly-elected State Representative Rick Staples passed his first bill in the Civil Justice Committee recently.  Staples was seeking to address a flaw in the law, which prevents folks from being married if not residing in the same state.  You might wonder how exactly is that a flaw?  Well, it certainly can be if one is in the military.  The Staples bill allows a person in the American armed forces “to apply for a marriage license by submitting a notarized statement to the county clerk and designate a proxy to appear at the marriage ceremony.”


I wonder if a proxy will be able to appear for those getting divorces?

6 thoughts on “Staples New Bill

  1. I think this makes it much more convenient for military members to get married. Especially for those that planned on marrying and then get deployed last minute. Good job looking out for the military members and their potential spouses Mr. Staples!


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