Spangler for Sheriff

Hello Loves,


Its official – – – Tom Spangler has picked up his petition and is running for Knox County Sheriff.  With around 50 of his closest friends, Spangler stood in front of the old courthouse and spoke about how he is a true cop’s, cop.  Spangler said that its proven that he has been where the deputies are daily and has been tested by the work that he has already done and is committed to being Sheriff.


It wasn’t a shock to anyone familiar with local politics that Spangler is running, as he has been seen at numerous events around Knoxville, shaking hands and making the rounds.  Yet the sheriff’s race promises to be a brutal primary as Lee Tramel has had his eye on being Sheriff for years.  Well readers, people are announcing for office continuously and Randy Boyd has already announced he is running for governor.

For better or worse, we are officially in campaign season for 2018!

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