Grilled Cheese and YUM!

Hello Loves,

Join me in welcoming another great advertiser that’s bringing people into Knoxville and helping it grow, Chelsea’s Food Truck, is a sassy mood crafty food gourmet that you will all love

Chelsea’s prices range from $5 to $10, for her grilled cheeses and homemade soup. Do not let the word grilled cheeses fool you, she also has a delicious bacon, lettuce, pimento cheese and tomato sandwich also known as a BLT that makes me want to follow her everywhere she goes.


Here is a list of places and times where she will be this weekend:

Friday- Honeybee South Knox from 6-9pm

Saturday- Backroads Market and Designs, Swing into Spring from 11:-3pm

Sunday- Bearden Beer Market, Marathon Day, starting at Noon.


So, go see her this weekend and enjoy her food, for with every bite, she is spreading her passion for cooking with our great city of Knoxville.  It’s a pink truck that you can’t miss!

Walter Beer Works

Hello Loves,


At the corner of what used to be a service station stands a new brewery and dinning experience that blew me away.  It has the feel of a rustic barn, which melds well with a very manly atmosphere with dark tables and chrome-like chairs.  The atmosphere was downright chic and took me back to a great place to meet with friends and have your favorite craft beers.


Balter Beer Works mixes local ingredients with their beer and pairs it with amazing food that they are justly very proud of.  It’s a real dining experience that also just happens to be a brewery.

As summer approaches, there is a great outdoor sitting area for folks to enjoy.  I got an amazing salad with a lime-vinaigrette that was utterly delicious.  I paired my health salad with an order of fries that were skinny and salted with salt and pepper perfectly.
I did get to try a burger and it was juicy and cooked to perfection.  My one fuss is parking but as with anywhere downtown, get there early to park and enjoy a great night.


Democratic Convention

Hello Loves,

Over the weekend Knoxville had their Democratic Convention.

Local Democrats elected a new Chairperson: Emily Gregg.

Gregg made a pretty good speech to begin her time as Chair of the Knox County Democratic Party. She thanked everyone who wanted to be apart of leadership, and thanked Rep. Rick Staples, for nominating her, which was not a surprise, as she had been a volunteer in one of Staples’ many campaigns.


Gregg spoke about how every voice should be heard for a democracy to be truly representative.  I’ll give her credit, Gregg really seemed to light a fire under the seats of every Democrat in the room, even if they felt like they’re where fighting impossible odds. Those were her words, not mine.

Gregg claimed compassion filled the hearts of every Democrat in Knox County; evidently that is an emotion foreign to Republicans.

The Democrat party is fired up to engage new voters and elect more Democrats in Knoxville.  That will be an uphill battle in this red county, especially outside the city limits.

Besides a new Chair Woman, Democrats elected Linda Haney Vice Chair, Shannon Webb Treasurer and Alli Cohn as Secretary.
A list of meetings and more info can be found

Pretentious Beer and Glass?

Hello Loves,

Pretentious Beer is located in the Heart of the Old City that mixes craft beer and Kombucha in hand- blown glassware. Owner Matthew Cummings has created an atmosphere that creates art with craft beers, which you can’t find anywhere else in Knoxville.

This is another craft beer company to add to our growing Knoxville craft beer loving area.  What sets Pretentious apart is the atmosphere with art on the walls.  The taps are also stunning glass-made right on the other side of the bar and a patio that you can see the back of the GFC sign with lights. There is also a large wooden Jumanji  game  and a intimate stage, making it the perfect setting for a big group to just hang out.

It was a coldish night but I enjoyed walking from the Glass gallery to the patio with my beer in hand.  The artist changes every month, which gives one another reason to go back at least once a month.  The artist that was there was Jonny Glass; it was like watching an intricate ballet as he turned minerals into glass in a red hot fire in 2 giant furnaces.  Jonny worked with a partner, as they knew exactly what to do to make unique wine glasses.   They would heat the glass and hammer it down then reheat it and gently roll to make the shape that they desired and once they are done you can buy them and take them home that night.

Pretentious Beer Co. is open Wednesday- Thursday 4pm- 10pm

Friday-Saturday 4pm-12pm

Sunday 12pm-8pm


With the Glass side open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm

Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday 3pm-9pm

When the President Calls….

Hello Loves,

The Young Republicans met at Puleo’s Grill 110 Cedar Lane, for their monthly meeting.  This meeting was set out to be a huge crowd with Dr. Mark Green, but when Washington calls, one cannot make excuses. When the President calls one must go.

Fortunately, the Young Republicans lucked out when they were able to land Andrew Ogles, who is the Director of Americans For Prosperity for Tennessee. Ogles spoke on the national political scene. Ogles was involved with Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign in 2012 eventually becoming AFP director.

It was a smallish group, so the conversation was more about the proposed hike in the gas tax and who was for it and who was against it.  It was a quick meeting but they did have around 3 new guests who said they would be back next month.
This group is a growing, but it’s hard to grow when targeting a age group of people who don’t seem to understand the importance of knowing what is going on in our local government.  If you are between the ages of 18-40, I invite you to come out and see for yourself, and hear what is going on.  The next meeting will be April 18th at 6p.m. at Puleo’s Grill. The speaker has not been announced as of yet, but an insider has informed me this is a meeting you do not want to miss! It’s a HUGE name. So mark it down on your calendar and I will see you there.

Welcome Brewfest

Hello Loves,

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I’m happy to announce a new advertiser on McCalla Around Knoxville. Join yours truly in welcoming Knoxville Brewfest to the blog.  Brewfest is a local beer festival that that started in 2011 by State Representative Martin Daniel who was elected in 2014. All proceeds from this Knoxville Brewfest go to Cure Duchenne, which is dedicated to finding a cure for Duchennes, a muscular dystrophy disease, that affects 1 out of 3,500 young boys. This is definitely an event to support in Knoxville


Knoxville Brewfest is in a new location for 2017, in the heart of Downtown Knoxville, on the 700 Block of Gay Street on June 17th from 4-8.  Vendors are still signing up and once a list is ready I’ll have it for you. This event is a perfect event for some adult time. It doesn’t get much better than music, fun, and of course beer. Early Bird tickets are $45 through May 31st, so secure your tickets today!
This festival will be filled with a variety of beer including many of Knoxville’s local breweries and beer distributors such as Saw Works Brewing Company and Craft Distribution Company. Brewfest 2016 had over 250 different kinds of beer.


Check out their website or Facebook Page for more information, and keep coming back to McCalla Around Knoxville for updates.  Thank you Brewfest for supporting a local blogger that is building up Knoxville!


Hello Loves


We are almost to the end of March and if you’re like me, you’re still trying to get that beach body for the summer.  I have found a brand new restaurant that is perfect for all you healthy eaters out there.


Taziki’s is located on the corner of Kingston Pike and North Shore  right by Duck Donuts. It’s an Mediterranean Café and serve both dinner and lunch.  They also offer a fresh take home dinner for four that you can pick up after 2pm if you call ahead.  You can feed your whole family for under $30 dollars!  Incidentally, the offer for that take home meal are all healthy meals such as grilled lamb, herb-roasted pork loin and a whole baked chicken that includes sides such as salad or homemade pita chips or my own personal favorite – – – basmati rice.


I went after my workout for lunch and I had the homemade Greek lemon chicken soup and holy lemon juice was it good!  I say holy lemon because that is what you taste with every bite so, if you like lemons skip the cup and go straight for the bowl you will not regret it.


The also have a children’s menu (under 12) that’s just as healthy with the side of fruit or home made chips with all under 5 dollars.  It’s a great choice.

The last thing I went back for was some Baklava that is brought into the restaurant from Hellas Bakery and it was defiantly worth the calories that I ate! Lunch is busy so allot extra time and lunch prices range from 8 to 14 dollars!