Rankin’s Restaurant


Hello Loves,


If you ever find yourself toddling down Central Avenue, there’s a restaurant you ought to try.  It’s been here a long time and has been a favorite of Knoxvillians for decades.  Rankin’s Restaurant has served up home-style cooking for a mighty long time and it’s just as good today as it was when it first opened.  In fact, the Rankin family claims the restaurant is Knoxville’s oldest existing restaurant.  Black and white photos from a time long since past decorate the walls and the prices are very reasonable, especially for the portions, which are generous.  Homemade gravy and biscuits come with every breakfast order and you will not leave hungry!


I wolfed down an omelet made with bacon and tomato, which was excellent a friend enjoyed pork chops and eggs.  I was told the pork chops might need some seasoning, but after putting a little gravy on them, it was wonderful.  Obviously Rankin’s has some faithful customers as there were old-timers playing cards and businessmen eating breakfast.

20170131_104127 20170131_104128

If you haven’t been to Rankin’s Restaurant, get a move on because it’s just like eating at your granny’s table.

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