Free Speech for Everyone? Update from Nashville…..

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With the deadline fast approaching for bills to be introduced in the Tennessee legislature, proposed legislation is raining down on Nashville.  I heard about a particular piece of legislation called the “Milo Bill”.  The “Milo Bill” was inspired by events on the campus of the Berkeley campus of the University of California when conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was denied the opportunity to speak because of near-rioting.  Protestors destroyed property and started fires to keep Yiannopoulos from speaking.


The bill is sponsored by State Representative Martin Daniel and State Senator Joey Hensley and apparently written by local campaign guru Kenny Collins.  Having some interest in the bill, I attended the press conference.  Evidently, the purpose of the bill is to protect free speech for everyone.


Luke Elliot, a student at the University of Tennessee and vice president of the College Republicans, spoke up in favor of the bill, saying it was important to many students and noting free speech is essential to our republic.  Elliot said he believes Tennessee is a conservative state and out-of-touch professors should not be the only voices heard.


Scottie Nell Hughes, editor of and a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, attended the press conference to voice her own opinions.   Hughes’ opinion varied little from that of most of those attending the event, saying everyone should have the right to speak their mind and state their opinions.  Hughes said she was glad Daniel and Senator Hensley were taking the idea of protecting free speech seriously.

Mickey Shelton, a student and member of America’s armed forces, said he was at a loss for words considering he took an oath to protect the Constitution and free speech, which is not being respected nor observed at many college campuses across the country.  Shelton questioned the idea of requiring a license to be able to speak on a college campus, wondering who issues the license and what circumstances allow a particular speaker to speak.  Shelton clearly thought it wrong to require a permit to speak.20170209_112404



Needless to say, there will be a LOT of talking about this bill!

10 thoughts on “Free Speech for Everyone? Update from Nashville…..

  1. Cari Gervin was competely rude and out of line at that meeting. I don’t feel like a press badge gives a person the right to act in such a way. The men standing up there were answering every question she asked, there was no need to bagger them. Besides her though, I really enjoyed watching! Thanks for posting about it!


  2. “Campaign guru”? Loud mouth yes but hardly a campaign guru. I’d say Bonnie B is a better campaign manager. This bill is ludicrous! Have we forgotten this is the same bill that would “allow isis to recuruit” on our college campuses?


    1. I think Bonnie is an amazing campgian manger by far one of the best! I also think Kenny does a great job they both have there stregths and weakness. I do relize that is what could happen. But I think everyone should have a right to say what they need to.


      1. So your ok with Rep Daniels ISIS comments? I think Rep Daniels is a hypocrite, he thinks every one should have the right to “free speech” but he physically assaulted a senior citizen for exercising his right to “free speech”. Hmmmm I wonder if he’s convicted if he will resign like he said the others in the state house should with criminal records.


  3. From UT Law Professor Glenn Reynolds Here’s the link Shoeless Joe, but I posted it all because you probably won’t click the link.

    SANITY: Tennessee Law Would Outlaw Punishing Students For Speaking Freely, ‘Microagressions.’

    “Unfortunately, opponents of the bill — which is to say, supporters of educational bureaucrats and crazed PC — managed to turn this into a question of whether ISIS should be allowed to recruit at colleges.

    That’s funny, because while actually signing people up and shipping people off to the Mideast would be action, not speech, and not protected by the First Amendment, speaking about the desirability of doing so (except in time of declared war, when it might be treason) would, in fact, be fully protected speech. And for decades, lots of people defended the right of students and faculty to speak about the desirability of supporting communists, etc., with full protection from the courts and the bureaucracy. But that’s different.

    I love this from Rep. John DeBerry (D-Memphis): “DeBerry argued that the world has changed from the days of the 1960s, which he said was an era of protest and time of change.” Translation: Free speech for us was good. Now that we’re on top, free speech for those who disagree with us is bad.

    DeBerry’s characterization of today’s college students as “half-baked,” alas, seems all too correct. But if they’re too immature to handle free speech, then they’re too immature to obligate themselves to student loans. Or to vote . . .”


  4. As a veteran who has fought isis I have to tell you I disagree with the “law professor” at UT but this is America and we can do that. You did not however explain
    how / why the sponsor of this bill believes everyone is entitled to free speech except of your speaking out against him.
    (Ref. State of TN vs Martin Daniel 2016)


    1. I was very upset when i gift heard the News that isis can recruit on campus. But I don’t feel this is what this bill is talking about its about free speech in collage being able to stand and say what you want without fear of loosing your job or fear of loosing your schooling. I think the News blew that way out of portion when that happened and as someone who has seen this bill and read it…..i get it. Everyone should have the right to stand up for what they believe.


  5. So he gets a pass and gets to introduce a bill about free speech but can’t handle it when people speak out against him. I just don’t know how many times we will let him embarrass Knox County.


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