When the Sheriff Calls…

Hello Loves,


Well, when the local Sheriff calls I think it’s natural to get a little nervous.  I mean, when did a Sheriff call with good news?  All of that was going through my mind the other day when I got a call from Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “JJ” Jones.  My husband works for JJ and I thought, ‘What has he done?’  JJ said he wanted to comment on a blog post.  The Sheriff corrected a post I had written, telling me the shift and hour changes I had reported was due to the department’s need to get more officers on the road.  The goal is to have more deputies out on the road protecting homes, subdivisions and businesses; in fact, JJ said he expects we will have more deputies out on the road than at any time in the county’s history.


JJ also wanted to pick a bone with me, saying he was for ALL county employees getting a raise, not just those employed by the Sheriff.  While I was shocked to receive a call from the Sheriff, it made me think he really might be planning to run for County Mayor.  Could be…

2 thoughts on “When the Sheriff Calls…

  1. I am more interested in your thoughts, as the wife of a County employee regarding his response. I must have missed your intial blog regarding this. What do these changes look like for your family? Were you intially embracing the change? Did his follow up with you change your thoughts on the change? I see the upside to better coverage but I also see the upside-down to the family structure and the changes that have to be made to compensate for the new schedule. I am just curious, how the wife of an LEO handles this and what it looks like for you? I know that with the job, comes great sacrifice for the LEO……birthdays, missed games, school programs, anniversaries, etc., but there is also great sacrifice for the wife/family. LEO’s are special breed, to sacrifice so much for those that sometimes care so little. It also takes a special breed to sacrifice so much in order to support ones LEO. #Respect #Blue


    1. Being a Leo Wife and family we are used to change. I feel it might give us more time together but I fear it will be hard on the officer to change shifts so fast. I think at this time I will have to wait and see if its really the best thing. All I want is for my husband to be safe and around but be able to function at a healthy degree at both work life and home.


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