Need a Realtor?


Hello Loves,


Please join me in welcoming another great supporter and advertiser to Mccalla Around Knoxville, Jeff Ownby.  Jeff was born and raised in Knoxville.  He has lived here all of his life except for the time he left and joined the Navy to service country.  Jeff also served his community as a County Commissioner.  He is an exceptional realtor.  He specializes in buying homes and flipping them for a more affordable price for the everyday home buyer.  During his time as commissioner he traveled the roads of Knoxville and gathered extensive knowledge about his beloved hometown.  The important knowledge that he learned includes: the school zones, the crime rate, and the growing businesses in each area of town.  But that’s just a little bit of his knowledge I do not want to give away all of his secrets.  If you are looking to sell your home or you are interested in buying a home please contact Jeff Ownby at (865) 441-6162 or

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