Love Stories


Hello Loves,


Who doesn’t love a love story?  I mean, am I right?  If you keep checking back, you’ll be able to read a series of love stories here.  The first involves Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.  Aside from his well known fiscal conservatism, everybody on social media has seen the inevitable fist bump and the many faces of Mayor Burchett, but you’ve not likely seen the romantic side of Tim Burchett. I sat down with Burchett and his wife Kelly to get all the details fit to print.  They shared those details while holding hands and their story began at a UT football game, the homecoming game on November 3, 2012 to be exact.  While making his way through the throngs of people from a friend’s skybox, a lady cornered Burchett and began pressing to introduce him to a friend.  Burchett brushed her off, albeit, giving her his card.  From the corner of his eye, Burchett spied Isabel, a vision her little shoes, which lit up red as she moved.  Disengaging himself from the woman with a friend,  Tim Burchett spotted Isabel’s mother, Kelly and was saddened to note she was with another man, he has no idea that .  Burchett was not deterred, he recalled thinking, ‘If a girl like that can get with a guy like that, I’d better get to work.”  Burchett introduced himself to Kelly and gave her his card as well.  Kelly laughed as she recalled Burchett had just given another woman he card and said much the same thing to her.


Burchett did manage to get Kelly’s number as she made it clear she wasn’t calling him.  Burchett wondered if the number would work.  By the time Kelly got home that evening, she had a call from Tim.  They tried to schedule a date, but with Isabel and Kelly’s busy schedule it was easier said than done.  They managed a romantic lunch at Burchett’s favorite lunch venue, Wrights’ Cafeteria.  Hardly the place where one would think love is in the air, but it worked for them.  Burchett is as tightfisted with his own money as he is the taxpayer’s and Kelly loved food and he recalls thinking he might have to get a second job.


Nobody ought to be surprised that one of Burchett’s hobbies is metal detecting.  So, of course, the Mayor, Kelly and Isabel went detecting.  Once in the park the detector went off and Tim wondered if he should start digging, a notion Isabel quickly seconded.  Isabel thought it might be a ring and of course it was.


Burchett says today that it was Kelly’s innate kindness and how she puts everyone before herself that really attracted him, as well as what a terrific Mom she is; Kelly was impressed how Tim was always the same; never too over-the-top happy nor too grumpy.  Kelly likes the fact Tim Burchett is even tempered.


Love can find you anywhere, even at Wrights’ Cafeteria.


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