Honeybee Coffee Shop


Hello Loves,


For those of you that don’t know, South Knoxville is experiencing some dramatic and positive growth.  City Councilman Nick Pavlis has spearheaded much of that revitalization and is due a lot for credit for his relentless pursuit of improvements for South Knoxville.  One new sign of that redevelopment is Honeybee Coffee, tucked right under the famous JFG sign in South Knoxville.  Upon entering Honeybee, one is immediately struck by the beautiful wooden stairs, which lead to lofts that can be rented.  If you’re looking for coffee and not a place to live, follow your nose.  It will lead you to an all white beehive themed room with exposed brick and a large white pipe hanging from the ceiling.  You can easily order coffee and get a quick cold snack.  I chose the chocolate chi seeds with fruit, which was delicious.  Later in the day, one can order on tap beers and Honeybee has a good variety.  In fact, Honeybee is one of the first coffee shops to transition into a very nice local meet and greet place where a person can enjoy the beverage of his or her choice.  The atmosphere is quite nice and pleasant, just right for working or a conversation with a friend.

The coffee was sweet and was the fix for my morning need for caffeine.  I cannot say enough about the view, which stole my heart, as I could see a sweeping vista overlooking downtown Knoxville.  The staff at Honeybee deserves favorable mention, as they were helpful, friendly and very positive.  I also got the scoop there will be another Honeybee opening in West Knoxville across from Costco.

The owner, Norris Hill, was on site and just as nice as he could be.  Mr. Hill told me he wanted to create an atmosphere for conversation, which always seems to flow better with coffee and beer.  Norris Hill said he especially wanted to give South Knoxvillians a place to gather and visit with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee.  My own coffee and breakfast was under $10, so the prices are quite reasonable.  For those interested in beer, there is a wide selection from IPA to dark beers.  I have a feeling Honeybee will do just fine with coffee, beer and healthy quick snacks and lunches.  You need to check it out.

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