Vine and More…..

Hello Loves,


Rather than reporting on how the school rezoning meet went at Vine Middle School – – – it was the same people, same comments, same arguments – – – I thought a letter to folks might be a bit better.  I know social media was hot about turning out for this meeting and Vine had maybe 100 people in attendance.


For those of you who don’t live in the Gibbs community, I want to try and help you understand what is really going on with rezoning.  First and foremost, the goal of the new Gibbs Middle School is NOT to close your schools in East Knoxville.  There is no plan to tear the Fountain City area to pieces, nor is there any goal to make another “white school.”  The intent of the school system is not to neglect your school, many of which have been revitalized in the past decade.  In fact, nobody is intent upon tearing down a single thing.


The message given by school official, like many of the comments from the folks traveling from meeting to meeting all across the county, is the same: we intend to try and draw a rezoning map to keep children at the school closest to them.  What could be better than that?


Anybody who doesn’t understand that just hasn’t been listening

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