GOP Convention

  Hello Loves,   For those interested in the Knox County GOP convention, it could be summarized as much ado about nothing.  It was sparsely attended even though the purpose of the meeting was to elect new officers.  Refreshments were supplied by local Republican officeholders and prospective candidates for 2018.  One new facet of the … Continue reading GOP Convention


Hello Loves,   Sandwiched between Tomo’s and Kingston Pike is a new burger place called Mooyah.  In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for a company called Steak ‘n Shake for almost 10 years of my life and they specialize in burgers, so to say I know a little bit about burgers might be … Continue reading MooYUM!

Rankin’s Restaurant

  Hello Loves,   If you ever find yourself toddling down Central Avenue, there’s a restaurant you ought to try.  It’s been here a long time and has been a favorite of Knoxvillians for decades.  Rankin’s Restaurant has served up home-style cooking for a mighty long time and it’s just as good today as it … Continue reading Rankin’s Restaurant

Free Speech for Everyone? Update from Nashville…..

Hello Loves,   With the deadline fast approaching for bills to be introduced in the Tennessee legislature, proposed legislation is raining down on Nashville.  I heard about a particular piece of legislation called the “Milo Bill”.  The “Milo Bill” was inspired by events on the campus of the Berkeley campus of the University of California … Continue reading Free Speech for Everyone? Update from Nashville…..

Love and Patti Jo

Hello Loves,   Sometimes there’s a love story out there that absolutely confirms God always has a plan.  Over the years, I’d heard bits and pieces of this particular story, but it was special to hear it from the beginning from Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong.   It begins at a swimming pool where … Continue reading Love and Patti Jo