Center City Cake Auction


Hello Loves,


I try and cover a lot of territory for my readers and I journeyed to the Center City Republican Clique, I mean, Club.  Ostensibly, this event was to celebrate the inauguration of President Donald Trump with a chili cook-off and old fashioned cake auction to benefit the club’s treasury.  There were only a handful of elected officials present, including one state legislator.  Some of the candidates already running for next year’s election were there, along with 7 cakes to be auctioned.  I didn’t come empty handed, either, as I brought a cake freshly baked from Litton’s.  It was beautiful and sold for $55 to Kevin Allen, husband of our District Attorney, Charm Allen.


Being a Friday night, I didn’t stay for the entire event nor was the crowd my particular cup of tea.  I did enjoy the kindness of Kevin Allen and was glad we took a picture together, but I suspect the Young Republicans will be doing bigger events over the next four years.  Still, I’ll give the Center City Club an ‘A’ for

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