Lunch with Senator Mark Norris

Hello Loves,


Vol Market 3 on Market had a great turn out for an event sponsored by Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.  Burchett’s guest of honor was State Senator Mark Norris, a possible candidate for governor next year.  Norris is a thoughtful legislator and has served as Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  Currently, Senator Norris is the Senate Majority Leader.  The Shelby Countian was one of the louder voices in the legislature the last time the governor discussed raising the gasoline tax; Norris was strongly against an increase in the gas tax.

A host of politicos were moving through the crowd of about 75 people including Law Director Bud Armstrong, County Commission Chairman Dave Wright, Commissioner Charlie Busler, School Board Chair Patty Bounds, Senator Becky Duncan Massey, First District Commissioner Evelyn Gill and Sheriff-wannabe Lee Trammel.  Burchett singled out Evelyn Gill for a compliment, saying she is one Commissioner that has her district in mind, knowing her people and what they want.


Norris seemed pleased by the reception he got from Knox Countians and stayed tuned for updates on this blog.

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