John Staton


Hello Loves,


It might surprise some of you, but social media doesn’t always tell us everything we need to know.  In fact, social media overlooks a great many things and there are some terrific small businesses out there we should all know about.  I happened to be in desperate need of a large tri-star wooden sign.  Not just any sign would do.  I did resort to Facebook to ask for help and help came via a message from John Staton.  I soon discovered John grew up in a small town in Kentucky, but came to Knoxville to take a job with the Norfolk Southern Railroad.  Unfortunately, the railroad closed here and John was transferred to Chattanooga.  I was astonished to learn John loves Knoxville so much that he drives two hours daily to be with his family who still live here and the Statons are expecting the arrival of a new baby boy in a few days.


John messages me and told me he could make the sign for me.  What surprised me most of all was the fact John crafts such signs by hand.  The end product is magnificent and the craftsmanship is sublime.  Signs start as low as $50.00, depending upon what one wants.

John also gives back to his community having spent all lot of time volunteering on behalf of children suffering from cancer.  Keep in mind, John can make pretty much anything and it’s worth every penny. John’s info is easy email him at and you can see his instagram is @rocky_top_diesel.


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