Travels In Tennessee, Following Mayor Burchett


Hello Loves,


Lordy, I’ve gone from Nashville last week to Chattanooga this week.  My trip to Chattanooga might be described as stalking – – – I heard Mayor Tim Burchett was going to Hamilton County to speak to a Tea Party group.  I had to see that and hopped in the car and drove to Chattanooga and it was well worth it.


Burchett gave his stump speech, which is a rather a good stump speech, especially for Republicans and Tea Partiers.  Burchett said he believed in the need to take education out of the hands of Washington bureaucrats and bring it back and put it into the hands of teachers.  I suppose the only thing better would have been to add “parents” and “communities” to that idea.  Burchett talked about veterans and how we need to see that veterans can go to their own doctors and not have to travel continuously to veterans’ hospitals for treatment.  Burchett’s parents were both educators and his father was a veteran, so both topics are a constant in the Mayor’s political conversations.

Burchett said he thought governors seem to worry about the “big boys” too much; he said he would like to see more investment in Middle and East Tennessee.  Burchett said those business folks and businesses who threatened to leave should be allowed to go, as it is foolish to attempt to give into every demand made by those people.  Burchett said he’s learned a lot from his time in the legislature and being Knox County’s mayor, all of which he believes can help him in the future.


The audience was a good-sized group and it seems obvious Burchett, who is termed limited and cannot run for reelection as mayor, is feeling out his options.  It is inconceivable that Burchett would leave politics in 2018 when his term expires and he may be flirting with a race for governor, but he would be facing tall odds.  The Republican primary will cost a serious candidate upwards of $5 million, so I’m betting he will run for Congress.

One thought on “Travels In Tennessee, Following Mayor Burchett

  1. We as not only Knoxvillians but also Tennesseans would not fair well if Tim were to not run for one of the two offices. He had done a great job as County Mayor and would be wonderful at either job.


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