Duck Donuts, Now Open, Thank God!


Hello Loves,


There are just certain times in one’s life when one must put on flats, buy elastic pants and throw the scales out the window.  The opening of Duck Donuts on Kingston Pike is cause for such an occasion.  Located in the Meridian Centre, I decided to rake up my calories at Duck Donuts and I was hardly the only person interested in giving it a try, as there was a 45 minute wait before I could sink my teeth into one of those confections.  These are not ordinary donuts, but more like a vanilla cake donut.  One can order a “bare” donut singularly, or one half dozen, a dozen or what is referred to as a “bucket”, which contains 18 heavenly donuts.  Duck Donuts is sort of a make your own donut to order sort of place; after selecting the number of donuts, one has a choice of coatings, such as cinnamon sugar, glazed, chocolate icing, maple icing, etc.  After selecting the coating one wants comes the best part – – – choosing a topping.  The toppings include sprinkles, chopped peanuts, bacon, coconut and even Oreos.  Needless to say, kids will love this.  And we’re not even done, as one can then choose to drizzle the donut with blackberry, raspberry, hot fudge, caramel, etc.


All the donuts are handmade to order, but for those folks who simply want to come in and buy something ready made, you won’t be disappointed.  One can buy a peanut butter and jelly donut, chocolate fudge Oreo, and a divine blueberry glazed donut.  These all met with the hearty approval of my official taster my pops while visiting Duck Donuts.  Prices are around $13.00 for a dozen, which is about the same as most other donut shops.

What’s better than a new place to try and yet another business opening in our community?  It would have to involve chocolate…

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