County GOP Rule Changes…

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If you’re a normal human being, you’re probably not thrilled the political pot is already boiling.  There are elections in the City of Knoxville this year, if anybody bothers to show up and fewer and fewer people are in the off-year city elections.  Several candidates announced for local offices over the summer and during the fall even though the elections aren’t until 2018.  After the recent presidential election, I’m sure a lot of folks have election fatigue.


Evidently, the Knox County GOP has adopted a new rule that will eliminate precincts with fewer than 200 hundred voters in participating in the local convention, which elects the county chairman.  This comes as a bit of a surprise, as it means there will be a lot of people who are allowed to participate; they just can’t VOTE.  Considering 20 years ago there were more than a 1,000 delegates to local GOP conventions and it has dwindled to several hundred, one would think Knox County Republicans would want to get as many folks to participate and vote as possible.  I’m told this change is due to Tennessee State Republican Party bylaws, but as of yet, I haven’t found the supposed change.

Gary Loe
Randy Pace

Speaking of the local GOP, Randy Pace is already off and running and Kenny Collins may get into the fray.  Kenny is a young sprout and a campaign guru who says he’s been asked to run by state and local officials.  Gary Loe seems to be toying with the idea of running for Knox County GOP Chairman and John Gabriel appears to be a candidate.  Could be a nail-bitter for those folks allowed to vote.

Kenny Collins

10 thoughts on “County GOP Rule Changes…

  1. I guess the tent is not big anymore, why the need to shut out people just because of where they live. I think this is a bad move for the party and could spell the end of the party.


  2. Who are they trying to keep from voting? That’s the question. “They ” always have a reason for doing things. And I just have one question? Who is Randy Pace and “Who are his people?” Never heard of him.


  3. The rules they are speaking of are the Tennessee state bylaws. This year the gop are adhering to those since there are no county ones as I understand it.


    1. The issue is why change it now? Why not let the new GOP chair be picked then go from there telling us we can’t vote when we have for years is not right. I should have a right to choose who i want.


  4. I think I may need this reexplained to me. I struggle with politics, but can they do that? Just say “ok, now this group can’t vote”?


      1. What hasn’t been explained is on this rule it doesn’t clarify if it has to be 200 Republican votes or 200 total votes. Some people could have voted for Gary Johnson which is a republican but ran as a independent.

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