Mayor Burchett, Concord/Farragut Republican Meeting


Hello Loves,

The Concord/Farragut Republican Club meets the first Thursday of every month at their new location at the Sheriff’s satellite office.  This month’s meeting was better attended likely because the guest speaker was Mayor Tim Burchett.  Burchett remains a big draw anywhere he goes and that particular evening gave what amounts to his usual stump speech.  That is not to say it is a bad speech; quite the contrary.  Tim Burchett mingles tales of his family, which I always find interesting.  The Mayor’s parents, Charlie and Joyce, are always somehow interwoven into much of what he says; for instance, how his mother never failed to tear up whenever the National Anthem was played.  Mayor Burchett recalled how his mother lost her brother during the D-Day invasion during World War II.  Yet in the course of Burchett’s homilies about his parents, are bits and pieces illustrating just how different things are today, which I think especially resonates with older folks.  Burchett told his fellow Republicans he tries hard to be the man his little girl thinks he is before ticking off a list of his accomplishments as Mayor.

That same list of accomplishments was pretty impressive, but I don’t think this blog is the place to reiterate them.  Suffice it say, I think we’ll hear a lot more from Tim Burchett during 2017.



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