Wild Love Bakery

Hello Loves,


Nestled just outside of the Fourth and Gill area in a beautiful brick building with huge glass lights that twinkle like tiny stars is an amazing coffee house that I have fallen in love with.  Wild Love Bakery is located at 1625 N Central and is a coffee/bakery with delightfully strong coffee and homemade tarts.


I sat in the bakery for 3 hours while working and there was a steady stream of customers coming and going.  The coffee was definitely better than that offered by the usual run-of-the-mill coffee house chains.  One can observe the bakers making pastries and a huge cup of coffee and pastry runs about $10.


The staff was excellent and I noticed how kind they were to a dad with a fussy kid, hurrying to give the kid some stickers.

Fourth and Gill is a special area and to have a business like the Wild Love Bakery in the area is just awesome, so next time you’re out that way, stop by and grab a cup of coffee, a tart or even a biscuit and egg sandwich!

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