Tandur Indian Kitchen

Hello Loves,

Like many of you, I have a girls’ night out.  This week we went to Tandur Indian Kitchen, which is where the old El Churro restaurant used to be on 6502 Kingston Pike.  It’s only been open for 3 weeks and it’s the perfect place to start if, like me, you’ve never had Indian food before.

I was impressed to see the owner, H. P. Patel, roll up his sleeves and work throughout the restaurant.  When I quizzed him about his restaurant, he was all smiles and I could barely take notes fast enough!  The chef, Hari Nayak, is world renowned and has written something like 5 cookbooks.


The décor was impressive as well as one walks in, one observes a wall of spices drying.  There is aboard announcing the entrees and on a back wall there is a touch screen one can see close up and look at pictures of food, etc.   I found this very helpful and knew what I wanted to try almost immediately.  I ordered the classic Chicken Tikka Masala which was a Tandur roasted cage free chicken with tomato cream sauce and fenugreek leaves.  Now that doesn’t sound like it would be very spicy, does it?  Lordy, it had a kick to it.  It came with rice and fresh naan bread, which is made in a glass room so patrons can observe the process.

To make the naan bread, the bakers dampen it just slightly and stick it to the side of a special oven, which was fun to watch.  I watched as the cooks made kebabs, which are lit off fire they come out of a different oven.

I also ordered chicken Samosas, which were chicken and spices rolled into a fried crusty wonton.  There are only two in an order as appetizers, so if you’re like me and don’t like other people eating off your plate, order your own.  The drinks were wonderful, too.  There is a drink called Lassi, which is a probiotic yogurt drink made especially to accompany spicy food.  Evidently Lassi comes in a variety of flavors and the night I went to the Tandur Indian Kitchen, it was mango and I heard there was a seasonal caramel Lassi.

I will go ahead and admit I’ve been back frequently and paid about $20 for my entire meal, which is a bargain to experience truly excellent and authentic Indian food.  Tell them I sent you and let me know how you enjoyed the food and experience.

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