Tis the Season to Drink…and More


Hello Loves,


A hot topic is, unfortunately, drinking and drugs. Let’s start with the drugs; the Tennessee legislature will vote on legalizing marijuana this year. Now when I say that, it may be only allowing the medical use of marijuana to some degree; perhaps it will go beyond that, I don’t know. While I have witnessed the help marijuana provides for those with a legitimate illness, I am skeptical about legalizing it for purely recreational use. I worry that it really is a gateway drug and considering the scope of the opioid abuse epidemic we have in this country that’s scary. Right now, we lose more people in this country to death by opioid than we do shootings. Odd, we don’t hear as much about banning opioids.


Alcohol is a touchy subject for a lot of people and like many folks, I saw the news story about the mom who rented a cabin for her daughter’s graduation and provided alcoholic beverages and weed for the guests. The mother thought she was providing a “safe space” for her daughter and her friends, but not surprisingly, some of the girls ended up getting hurt. Who could have seen that coming? I will readily admit I drink and I will confess I’ve been drunk before, as well as stupid, but never so stupid as to consider providing a safe space with weed and drinks for high schoolers. Clearly, that mom did not think things through and my own belief is we should be parents, not buddies, and all of us with children should be able to tell our kids ‘no’ when we need to do so.


Every person has time to choose for himself or herself when he or she is an adult.

2 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Drink…and More

  1. I agree with you that you are a parent first. I have read to many tragedy’s of parents allowing graduation parties at their home with alcohol and then someone thinking they can drive home and never making it ever again. One in 1999 ended in a family bankrupt, divorcing and crosses burned in their yard. They all moved out of town. Their child survived. The other, they divorced as well. It was a tragedy all around.
    We had parties, no alcohol, took keys, and no one was allowed to leave. Food provided all night and they had a great time. I guess different time and different people. Parents need to think and rethink.


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