Grace Baptist Church


Hello Loves,


Last Sunday I traipsed over to Grace Baptist Church in the heart of the Karns community. This mega-church is the home of a school with grades running from elementary through high school. Grace Baptist was celebrating their 100th anniversary, which is about 20 years less than some folks have been holding office in the courthouse.


Mayor Burchett was on hand, presenting a proclamation declaring December 18, 2016 as Grace Baptist Church Day. Burchett told the story of his adorable daughter wondering why we couldn’t keep Jesus and the manager out and celebrate the Lord’s birthday all year long? Certainly not bad politics either. State Representative Roger Kane, who presented a proclamation from the State of Tennessee. The federal branch of the government was represented by Congressman Jimmy Duncan, who related his mother had once been a member of the congregation. Duncan had his own kiddie story when he laughed one of his granddaughters thought one of the young basketball players was cute. Duncan scored points of his own, quoting George Washington as saying “you cannot have good government with morality and you cannot have morality with religion and you cannot have religion without God.”

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