Merry Christmas


Hello Loves,


Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

I wanted to share with you a particular Christmas memory. I think it’s wise not to be too personal in these blogs, but this is a season that can still be truly wonderful irrespective of what is or is not under the Christmas tree. My mother was a single mom for quite a while and there are more than a few people who think I am touched in the head because I start decorating for Christmas the first day of November. That is something I picked up from my own Mom. Our own decorations were mostly homemade and it was her way of filling our home not only with Christmas cheer, but love. Our home was always filled with a warm Christmas glow during the holidays.


Every inch of our 1000 square feet of home looked as if Santa Claus had just come through on his sleigh. I used to sneak out from my room, which Mom had converted from an attic to a loft, which was a perfect bedroom for a sassy 16 year-old girl. Once in the living room, I was content to lie beneath the tree.

It wasn’t easy for my Mom, who worked two jobs and sold handmade crafts to supplement her income, just to make sure her three daughters had a good Christmas. It never once occurred to me growing up that we were actually poor. All I knew was every Christmas we would wake up and somehow there were gifts under the tree. There would be clothes and some toy that Mom had saved up for all year long for each of us. I never fully appreciated – – – until I became a mother myself – – – just how much my Mom sacrificed so that us girls could have a wonderful Christmas.


My mother gave of herself to make Christmas bright for her girls and all of us should go the extra mile to make this holiday happy for others. We need to remember, this isn’t always a happy holiday for every person among us let’s all try to do for others.


Merry Christmas my readers. I pray that you are loved this Holiday Season.

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