Christmas At Market Square

Hello Loves!

Saturday night I loaded up the family in the truck and headed for Market Square downtown. I will admit Market Square is one of my favorite places. Christmas on Market Square is about as close to Christmas in New York City as we Knoxvillians are going to get without hopping on a plane. I love the lights, watching people ice skating, and couples holding hands while drinking hot chocolate or coffee. It’s just wonderful!


As for my family, we were on a mission to find elves. Not just any elves, but particular elves. My four year-old son was not as captivated by this mission as one might think and my husband even less so, but by the end of the evening, they both confessed they had enjoyed themselves. In two hours, we found 10 elves. We went to the Mast General Store and got our elf card and hurried to search out the elves. My husband and son were tasked with searching while I shopped. The amazing associate at the Mast General Store gave my son a high five for finding the elf and we hurried on to the next store. As I watched at least four other families looking for elves, I thought to myself, “This is the best idea ever.” Well, maybe not as good an idea as chocolate, but it’s a very good one.


I shopped at Bliss while my husband and son did the hard work of searching for the elf and my smiling little boy was delighted when he discovered the appropriate elf and got his elf card stamped. He was even happier still when given a sweet treat for searching and finding the elf. The stores had cool signs where children (and not a few adults) could have their pictures made while elf-searching. As we all know, picture taking is a must.


Every person working in the stores were cheerful, helpful and seemed as happy as the children who were working hard to find elves. Clearly, these wonderful employees were full of the Christmas spirit and were enjoying the happiness of the children.


Every person with a small child needs to go downtown and participate. Don’t forget to hashtag all your photos #elvesinknox. You are welcome to hashtag your go-to-girl #mccallaaroundknoxville, too.


Enjoy the pictures and I think you will enjoy the businesses that made our hearts happy. Go find you some elves!

6 thoughts on “Christmas At Market Square

  1. My hubby and I finally have a sitter… christmas evening. I was thinking of a movie and something in Market Square? What do you think will be open? Anything? We live in town, but don’t get to market square as much as I’d like.


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