West Knox Republican Club Christmas Party


Hello Loves,


Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, your go to girl for Knoxville, and TNGOP Chair Scott Golden



Lord, I suppose a bunch of you will run right off after seeing the topic, but I think it’s important for people to participate. Whether it’s attending church, homeowner association, or political meetings, it’s important to be involved. Attendance at most everything is down now and I suspect much of that has to do with the prevalence of social media. Far too many of us have come to believe social media is participating in one’s own community.


Jimmy Matlock gave a great talk about service, meaning how we treat one another as human beings and that each and every social club, nonpolitical or political, should have at its root service. Jimmy pointed out irrespective of whether one is an elected official or a citizen, we all have a duty and responsibility to serve and give to our fellow human beings. With that theme, Jimmy weaved together the Christmas story and Christ and how we are called to serve each other as we serve Christ. Club members also heard about celebrating Hanukah, something that has always fascinated me.

Tennessee’s new Lieutenant Governor, Randy McNally, was there and noted the Tennessee General Assembly has lowered taxes by almost half a billion dollars. Randy made one comment that really stuck with me: Tennessee is the lowest state as far as per capita debt in the nation.


I had a good time and was especially pleased I ran into some you who are already following my blog. Thanks so much and it was fun to talk to you!

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