Safety Center On Its Way


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Knoxville has been in desperate need for a solution to the problem with mentally ill citizens, especially since the closure of the Lakeshore facility. The only option available to our community for far too long is putting them in jail. County Mayor Tim Burchett and the County Commission have ponied up $1.2 million and the City of Knoxville has contributed $200,000 for a new Safety Center.


The Safety Center is starting out small with ten beds, but over time, it will likely grow.


There are a lot of questions, which I am sure Mayor Burchett will begin to answer and I will keep an eye open for you readers

8 thoughts on “Safety Center On Its Way

  1. So it this looking to be a permanent solution? Can you remind me why they closed Lakeshore in the first place, since we are now having to find a new facility? And where is this new facility going to be located?


  2. This Lucinda is Knox County’s answer to the problem the State created. I would expect it to grow to be even larger. Not sure where they have decided to put the new facility but am sure it will be somewhere on a bus line so the people can get to the services they need.


  3. The way I understand it, is that it was closed so the state could save money and for that area of town to have a bigger park. Now I think they have realized we have caused an even bigger problem and are working on a way to help solve the problem. A location has not been named but I’m working on a list of questions on this topic for Mayor Burchett. Stay tuned for an update.


  4. In my opinion the closure of Lakeshore has only contributed to another problem in Knoxville, homelessness. A place for the mentally ill is essential to our community. These people can’t find work due to their variety of mental illnesses, and because of that they don’t have the means for housing, which leave them out wandering the streets. This saddens me. Just the other day I passed a gentleman walking down Kingston Pike and it was obvious that he was mentally disabled. Who is there for these individuals? As a person who has family members that rely on daily care because of their mental disorders (I have two uncles that fall into the “mental disorder” category; one has cerebral palsy with severe mental retardation and the other has autism with delayed speech) this is incredibly important to me. We need a place for mental health and a place for families to turn to for help in aiding those that won’t seek help for themselves. I think a 10 bed facility is actually pathetic. There is such a need and 10 beds doesn’t even begin to touch the need. I know I am going to sound like one of those people that can relate to every issue on this. But had there been an open bed for my brother when he was calling Helen Ross McNab on a daily basis, he may still be here. He was reaching out for help and there wasn’t enough beds to accommodate him. In that delayed time he took his life. So how many lives could be saved if we had the resources for these individuals? I think a great deal.


  5. I am sorry that City Council and Mayor Rogero have chosen to give a mere $200,000. This will benefit them just as much as the county. As the sister of someone who would have benefited this center, I am proud of Mayor Burchett and the Commissioners for stepping up. Too bad the state didn’t see the importance of this. We have too many mentally ill individuals that need this. They do not need to be put behind bars. They are not criminals. They are sick. And, the men and women working our jails should not be expected to know how to handle and treat them. That is not their job. Kudos Knox County!!!!!


    1. That is what I was saying when they were trying to close Lakeshore that the Mentally Ill would be either on the street homeless or in our jails and that is exactly what happened.


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