Politics and Bullying


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One of my guilty pleasures is politics and many of you have probably just concluded I ain’t right. Speaker “Tip” O’Neill used to say, “All politics is local” and local government is easily the most accessible and that closest to us. Decisions made on the federal and state level may not touch us for a while, or we may not even notice anything different, but that is rarely the case with local government.


The local election season has already started and while I wonder if people are ready for the 2018 cycle to begin immediately after the recent presidential election, candidates are already off and running. From what I hear, there is already intense jockeying among the prospective candidates and some have been warned by others running that it may be an unpleasant experience. Evidently, some prospective candidates are being warned some of the campaigns may get ugly. Of course ugly campaigns are nothing new, nor is bullying. Personally, if a person is truly a strong candidate, he or she shouldn’t be all that worried about the opposition. If a candidate has good ideas, has something to say about improving an office or serving the people better, I wouldn’t think demeaning another person would be a good strategy. Worrying about who else might run usually indicates a lack of confidence on the part of a candidate and attempting to bully someone else out of running advertises weakness rather than strength.


Hiding behind computers, spreading rumors and attempting to win on the basis of slander, innuendo, and back room gossip doesn’t inspire me with confidence in a particular candidate’s ability. Nobody is perfect, not a single one of us and while there are those voters who like to sit in judgment of another person’s mistakes, I always try to remember that passage from the Bible, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”


And bullies usually have the most to hide and the most to lose.

8 thoughts on “Politics and Bullying

    1. No to that person the lawsuit was not bogus. What I’m talking about is blogging (or whatever this person calls it) about someones faults or they pick all the mistakes someone has done just becuse they dont like there family or them. Im talking about blackmailing people who want to run for office but because they are not part of the good ole boys breakfast bunch they blackmail them and try to make them not run. Just picking on people is not right its called being a bully and like I’ve stated in my blog normally thoese are the ones who have the most to loose. Thanks for the comment. I always Approve all my comments for everyone to read.


  1. I love how “Russell” wants everyone to think he’s your father-in-law. Fortunately, people are smarter than that. I on the other hand will not hide behind a bogus name. There was no bogus slander suit. The person being sued has committed slander and has bullied people for years. I was the only one who had the wherewithal to call him on the carpet. I don’t scare easily and I am not intimidated by him. Finally there is a blog of truth. No bullying, intimidation, slander or name calling. It is a breath of fresh air. What goes around comes around and those individuals will get their comeuppance. Politics in Knoxville is a cruel business. It’s a nightmare. You really have to want to make a difference to get involved. I did and I DID!


  2. I said it when you launched your blog that it was nice to have a blog to read that doesn’t attack people you don’t like and just tells us what is going on around our town. I have seen and been on the receiving end to the trash talk and negativity, yes I brought some on to myself but not to the point that you say I was a bad commissioner and a disgrace. I never harmed anybody but myself and never stole money or cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. I worked hard to make my district and this county better than I found it. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and may campaigns be about our towns issues in the future not peoples personal issues or personal attacks. Vote for someone based on their views on issues and not weather they are part of your club or not.


    1. I have approved your comment because we have freedom of speech, but I’m highly disapointed in the mud slinging you are doing. I’m just me. I vote for who I feel is best for Knoxville and best for the job. As for the mud slinging what’s in your past…..I’m sure if we were are all honest we all have things we regret. Both people you are referring to are amazing men. Do your reasearch. One was accused however, it was thrown out. The other individual made a bad choice. What’s in your closet?


  3. Yes I made a mistake, but it doesn’t make me a bad person. I glad I have a Lord and Savior that believes in forgiveness. We all sin and one sin is no greater than the other, I’m so glad I have earned your forgiveness Steve. I will pray to GOD for you.


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