school Re-zoning- Don’t Panic!!


Hello Loves,


There are fewer topics to make a soccer mom kick her minivan than school re-zoning. I won’t pretend that I know much about the topic, but I do understand the concerns of many parents and just why it causes people to gnash their teeth and pull their hair out. The school system has held a meeting about the zones for the new Hardin Valley Middle School and we are coming up on a similar meeting for the new Gibbs Middle School.


Most every parent seems to want a new school for the kiddies and there seems to be a prevailing opinion new is synonymous with better. I suppose it will be all sparkly for a while, but I certainly don’t think new equates to better. Some of our older schools have truly amazing teachers working there and the heart and soul of any good school are the students, teachers and parents who are INOVLVED. By involved, I don’t mean showing up when your kid was sent to the office. Have you ever noticed, it’s the same three moms who provide the cupcakes every time? They’re the same three moms who do the pizza party, take up collections sort of like the same three dads who do all the work with carpentry and athletics. New desks and fresh paint are nice, but one doesn’t learn a thing from objects.


Every good parent wants the best for his/her child, although some folks are taking that to the extreme nowadays. Some of the parents attending the Hardin Valley meeting seemed upset, yet oddly were more concerned about high school re-zoning when the meeting was to discuss the zones for the new middle school.


From what I hear, some parents are already panicking, sending emails to School Board members with plaintive pleas that their child be spared from re-zoning. There are 11 middle schools and 14 high schools as I recall and obviously there are shifts in our local population and re-zoning has to be done every so often. My advice to parents is not to panic; follow the process; watch where the lines for each school are drawn. It’s going to be a transparent and long process. Chill out and watch out.

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