Happy New Year Knoxville!


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New Year’s Eve is almost here and if you’re like me, you are still thinking about what to do to celebrate. One could go downtown to watch our very own ball drop or head to the bars and rub elbows with the scruffy city millennials. Perhaps one could dart out to one’s local church for a family-friendly event? There is a wide assortment of options, so I thoughtfully put together a list of 30 events going.


Remember, if you drink, be sure to call Uber or have a friend or family member take you home. Have an amazing and SAFE New Year.



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The Kids Are Out of School…Now What?


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So, the Christmas presents have been opened, Christmas dinner has been digested and the leftovers thrown out. It’s cold and hard to keep the kids out for long periods, so what to do? You’ll find some ideas below of things to do to keep the kiddies occupied and perhaps the whole family.


Out with the old and in with the new. Here’s a great project that can also teach your child to give and recycle. Take a box and encourage your children to pick out toys they can do without and agree to give away. With all the new gifts received during Christmas, they (and you) likely need more space. I like to turn on a particular song and see if they can work slow or fast, depending upon how slow of fast the music might be.

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Grace Baptist Church


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Last Sunday I traipsed over to Grace Baptist Church in the heart of the Karns community. This mega-church is the home of a school with grades running from elementary through high school. Grace Baptist was celebrating their 100th anniversary, which is about 20 years less than some folks have been holding office in the courthouse.


Mayor Burchett was on hand, presenting a proclamation declaring December 18, 2016 as Grace Baptist Church Day. Burchett told the story of his adorable daughter wondering why we couldn’t keep Jesus and the manager out and celebrate the Lord’s birthday all year long? Certainly not bad politics either. State Representative Roger Kane, who presented a proclamation from the State of Tennessee. The federal branch of the government was represented by Congressman Jimmy Duncan, who related his mother had once been a member of the congregation. Duncan had his own kiddie story when he laughed one of his granddaughters thought one of the young basketball players was cute. Duncan scored points of his own, quoting George Washington as saying “you cannot have good government with morality and you cannot have morality with religion and you cannot have religion without God.”

Merry Christmas


Hello Loves,


Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

I wanted to share with you a particular Christmas memory. I think it’s wise not to be too personal in these blogs, but this is a season that can still be truly wonderful irrespective of what is or is not under the Christmas tree. My mother was a single mom for quite a while and there are more than a few people who think I am touched in the head because I start decorating for Christmas the first day of November. That is something I picked up from my own Mom. Our own decorations were mostly homemade and it was her way of filling our home not only with Christmas cheer, but love. Our home was always filled with a warm Christmas glow during the holidays.


Every inch of our 1000 square feet of home looked as if Santa Claus had just come through on his sleigh. I used to sneak out from my room, which Mom had converted from an attic to a loft, which was a perfect bedroom for a sassy 16 year-old girl. Once in the living room, I was content to lie beneath the tree.

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East Tennessee Libertarian Party Meeting


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Lordy did I step outside my own comfort zones when I attended a recent meeting of the East Tennessee Libertarian Party. I suppose I expected to see a bunch of women with no bras, guys wearing Birkenstocks, and a cloud of marijuana smoke rising from behind the dumpster. Instead, I was greeted warmly and graciously by some of the nicest people one could ever hope to meet.


The main focus is getting 60,000 signatures to enable the Libertarian Party to start fielding statewide candidates in Tennessee. Folks are working hard and their goal is to have a candidate for every upcoming race in 2018.


While nobody expects a Libertarian to actually win a race, it will be interesting to see if it will tip a race to Democrats or Republicans.


Jason Zachary for Congress??


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After learning that Congressman Jimmy Duncan and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett spoke to the East Tennessee Libertarian Party recently, I decided to check it out for myself. It just so happened the speaker that night was State Representative Jason Zachary.


Zachary got his start in politics as a candidate against Jimmy Duncan for Congress in 2014 and won a respectable 40% of the vote. Zachary, a member of the House Transportation Committee, emphatically stated he would not support a hike in the gas tax, which will put him at odds with Governor Bill Haslam. Raising the gas tax is a priority for the Haslam administration, but bucking the odds and the powers that be doesn’t seem to bother Jason Zachary in the least.


Perhaps the most interesting question asked of Zachary that night was whether he would be a candidate for Congress in 2018. Jason Zachary said he prayed from election to election and while only time will tell, I believe he’s off and running.