Fantasy of Trees Gala


Hello Loves,

And a Merry Christmas Season to you all! My own Christmas holiday always starts with the Fantasy of Trees Gala, a must-see event. The gala is always the night before the official opening of the Fantasy of Trees. The attire is a little less casual than one’s usual church dress and I suppose it could be a family-friendly date night, although I prefer to go with just my husband. The gala previews the trees before anyone else sees them and you can be the first to bid on them. The gingerbread houses are ready to be purchased, but they must remain where they are until the event is done.

This is just one of the best events in Knoxville and conjures the magic if the season for young and old alike. There’s plenty of food available, as well as a cash bar where one can indulge in your favorite ciders. I always make the time to take my little elf back for the Fantasy of Trees, as he enjoys it almost as much as I do. If you intend to take your own child/children, dress in layers and take cash for the kids’ events. I find it gets hot with all those wonderful people around and I tend to go first thing just when the doors open.

Have fun!

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