Another Great Concert


Hello Loves,

So after a Thanksgiving full of the usual turkey and sweets, this go-to girl not surprisingly found herself at the gym to work off all the gravy. While doing some necessary cardio, I heard a voice I hear every time I get into my car. It was ERIC BAKER! Readers of this blog will recognize Eric’s name and I did the 100-yard dash in two seconds flat to introduce myself. My heart soared when he knew who I was, as well as all about this blog. I almost needed smelling salts. I only managed to stay conscious due to the fact I got the scoop on his upcoming concert on February 18, 2017 at the Bijou Theatre.

This is a completely different show from the Rock and Kettle Show Eric did a few weeks ago. This show will be more intimate, fewer backup singers, a sort of hold the hand of the one you love and dream away kind of show. Eric will perform those you-broke-my-heart songs, as well as post breakup moving on songs. I imagine there’ll also be more than a couple of hit-the-road songs, too. All of which will be appropriate for Valentines’ Day.

Now I KNOW more than a few of you reading this are thinking, “Now, McCalla, stop being a groupie”, but I can’t. Eric Baker is just fantastic and we ought to support our own local artists, especially one as talented as Eric is. I’m not getting free tickets and like everybody else, I’ll be paying for my own tickets. So, get yourself busy and get your tickets at as soon as possible. Last year, the tickets sold out in less than two weeks, so you had better not procrastinate. I’ll see you there and let me know in the comments below if we can meet and greet before the concert!

5 thoughts on “Another Great Concert

    1. they NORMALLY range from 30 to 90 dollars he always does VIP tickets where you can meet with him before the show and he does a few pre songs, from what I understand these tickets are 90 and above. But the 30 ones are still great seats! Those are the ones i’ll be getting!!


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