Christmas at the Expo


Hello Loves,


Christmas is right around the corner and being the girl-about-town that I am, I popped into the Christmas Shopping event at the Expo Center this weekend. WOW! This is a must event for those of you with hard to shop for friends and family members.


There were over 400 vendors and I found perhaps 10 of them who lived in Knoxville. Clearly this sort of event is good for our local economy. Those vendors are likely staying in local hotels and motels, eating, etc.


Five bucks got me in the doors and soon I was skipping through the aisles and was surprised to see the variety offered to buyers. There was everything from handmade quilts to boutique items. The Christmas décor was enough to stock the entire Hallmark Channel for the holiday season. One gentleman made nightlights from glass beer bottles, a gift for the man who has everything.


GO EARLY if you are going to go because even with the football game it was positively packed. Also, take something called cash; your debit card isn’t going to buy you anything as every vendor I saw only accepted cash and checks.


Pack a snack for the kiddies or leave them at home and shop ‘til you drop!

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