GOP Chair??


I attended the West Knox Republican Club meeting on Monday and one of the casual comments was made by incumbent GOP Chair Buddy Burkhart. That particular comment was we will have to elect a new Chairman for the Knox County Republican Party come February 2017, as he is off and running to succeed Mayor Tim Burchett in 2018.


In my opinion, we need a GOP Chair who is young, straight forward, not part of any clique, nor a transplant. We need a Chairman who is neither “old money” or “new money”, a wanna-be, or someone with an axe to grind. Having a young and vibrant Chair would be a treat, but that may be too much to ask for.


One person who fits that bill is Alexander Waters. Alex is an attorney, has the ability to say no, yet is imminently fair. Truth be told, Alex has every quality needed by a great leader.


These are just my opinions people and worth what you paid for them.

3 thoughts on “GOP Chair??

  1. I thought if you were the GOP chair you were not allowed to run for public office. Also who would ever elect Buddy Burkhart for public office.


  2. I would suggest that it be someone that is not part of the establishment. Good luck to whoever want it, I hope there will be several to choose from.


  3. Alexander Waters is just as much a part of the “old money” as anyone. I personally think we need to look at the up and coming leaders in the county. I would offer Ray Meade as one, yes he may have some baggage but who doesn’t. The other name I would throw out would be Bo Bennett. Both of these young men could lead the party in the right direction and heck maybe they would actually have a Lincoln Day dinner that people would want to attend! (Sorry a 5th place presidential candidate is not appealing to many of us)


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