Baker Creek Preserve



Hello Loves,


In case you didn’t know it, South Knoxville is booming. Everywhere I turn something new is being opened in South Knoxville. For those of you who enjoy riding your bike, you simply have to visit Baker Creek Preserve. If you have a family and enjoy riding your bikes together, this is the place for you. This is not a rudimentary slide and swings type of place. There is an adventure play area with balancing beams made out of long rounds, natural seating made out of wood and stone, as well as a climbing net. Best of all, there is a mini-bike pump track just for the young’uns.


It looked super fun and was apparently easy to learn, as I didn’t see too many spills for the numerous kids who were enjoying it. Now, people, be responsible. You need and your kids especially need a HELMET. This isn’t for someone just learning to ride a bike, so keep that in mind also.


Pack a lunch (and your helmet) and take your bikes and go have some fun.


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