Mayor Bud Armstrong?


Hello Loves,

Last Tuesday was some night and it would be pointless to repeat who won this or that because by this time, we pretty much know all that. One little piece of scuttlebutt that might be interesting to you is another possibility for Knox County Mayor and it’s a big MAYBE – – – Bud Armstrong.

You heard it here first, loves. Being nosey, I asked Bud direct and his answer was elegant. It was clear to me Bud Armstrong loves Knoxville and Knox County and readily acknowledged Tim Burchett will leave behind some giant-sized shoes. Having been elected county Law Director twice, beating an incumbent and defeating a determined challenger earlier this year, Bud Armstrong is well known to just about everybody. Armstrong isn’t the kind of man to leapfrog from one position to the next, but admits Knox County will need a strong leader in the wake of Tim Burchett’s departure.

Bud didn’t say he was running, but he didn’t rule it out. Back to yet another big


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