Karns Republican Club Meeting


I recently toddled by the Karns Republican Club meeting and it became readily apparent to me it is a necessity for the local GOP to try and open the party gates to welcome new members. Evidently, 7 stouthearted folks form the nucleus of the club, which swells to around 30 people during election time.

The speaker, County Commission Chairman Dave Wright was interesting and it was quite clear to me Wright has a very real passion for working for the people. Wright said he believes the two most important governmental entities are education and law enforcement, both of which, coincidentally, have long received the lion’s share of the annual budget. Apparently most of Wright’s fellow Commissioners agree with his priorities as most everything else in Knox County’s budget is left holding a bowl like Oliver Twist at feeding time.

Wright did speak out forcefully about the need for a Safety Center for Knoxville and Knox County. Commissioner Wright noted more than half of the people filling Knox County’s jails are either mentally ill or have a drug problem. I was amused when Wright said Commissioner have to get used to being loved some days and hated others.

That about sums up politics and football.

2 thoughts on “Karns Republican Club Meeting

    1. Thank you Thomas for your comment, the thing is these groups were put together so we can connect you with your elected officials, and so you can be around like minded people. The problem in my humble thoughts is we need new younger people to come and make these groups alive again.


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