Shift Change for Sheriff’s Department


Hello Loves,

Lordy, the Sheriff’s Department is changing the shifts for patrolmen across the county and I fear it won’t be a good thing. Right now the shifts work like this: a patrolman works 6 days on and then has 4 days off. Beginning March 1, 2017, deputies will be working 2 days on, 2 days off, then 3 days on and 3 days off. At first I didn’t think much about the proposed change, but after thinking about it for a while, I decided this probably isn’t a good thing at all.

It’s common knowledge deputies make less on average than KPD officers, so a great many deputies make ends meet by picking up side jobs such as providing security for churches, football games and businesses. Working 4 hours at $30 an hour brings in an extra $120 a month, which is a cell bill or paying KUB. That sort of schedule places strains on families as the officer is working two jobs, leaving the other parent or spouse to deal with most everything else. Let’s face it, cops need downtime and rest and relaxation, too, just like the rest of us.

Being nosey, I just why the reason for the change and I’m told they are short on patrols and I’ve heard the Sheriff’s Department has so many upcoming retirements that they are going from five shifts to four, which may explain the changes. That makes me wonder what happens when we call 911 in an emergency and what will the response time be?


That’s a question a lot of folks may be asking pretty soon.

3 thoughts on “Shift Change for Sheriff’s Department

  1. This is definitely not the way to fix there short staff problem. They need to start offering better pay to attract people to the job again. The county needs more patrolman, not longer hours. The only thing that longer shifts will accomplish is exhausted officers. This, along with the loss of time for side jobs, has the potential to once officers to seek employment elsewhere for better pay. The combination which had the intent to increase officers on patrol will only have the opposite effect. I really appreciate you bringing attention to the problem.


  2. Everyone needs time off for a little R ‘n R. My thinking would be, a cop that is better rested would do a better job with a better attitude. I mean let’s face it, we all have encountered those that are probably on the last day of their 6 day stretch and let’s just say they can be a little extra grouchy. I’m just saying a little extra rest never hurt anybody. People that are suppose to protect and serve their communities should be at the top of their game, and being over worked and underpaid doesnt help achieve that goal.


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