Mayor Jacobs???

Hello Loves,

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog you’re aware local insurance man Glenn Jacobs is thinking about running for Knox County Mayor to succeed Tim Burchett in 2018. Jacobs is not only a local business and family man, but better known to his many fans as Kane of the WWE wrestling and film fame. Jacobs was attending a meeting of the local Young Republicans and I made it my mission in life to find out what, if anything, he’s running for. I will be the first to admit I paid little attention to the chatter and the proceedings of the meeting, as I simply couldn’t get it out of my head – – – is Jacobs really thinking about running for Mayor? County Commissioner Bob Thomas is already off and running and the conventional wisdom was that his prominence as a local radio personality helped him and his cohort Ed Brantley get elected countywide. I was comparing a local radio personality inside my little head to that of a movie star and famous wrestler. Then I thought, “Rush Limbaugh didn’t get elected governor of California. That was Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

I did hear Jacobs praise the job done by Tim Burchett and my ears perked up. Being nosey, I piped up and wanted to know what office he is running for? To my chagrin, I got no real answer. Undeterred, I took a notion to call him up and ask. Being inquisitive – – – and nosey – – – I posed a serious of questions, which Glenn Jacobs handled like a professional and in a friendly and straightforward way.

I wondered, “Why did you choose to live in Knoxville?” Glenn Jacobs replied honestly that he could have chosen to live anywhere he liked, but quoted Ronald Reagan’s famous line about a shining city on the hill and that’s what Knoxville represents to him. Jacobs stressed another Reaganesque virtue, which is getting back to fiscally sound and conservative policies. Jacobs stressed Knox County must deliver needed services, but price tags are important as he believes it is irresponsible to leave future generations paying off a potentially crippling debt in the future. Glenn Jacobs referenced an article he wrote, which I have linked at the bottom of this post. Jacobs clearly feels the need for fiscal responsibility on the part of the federal government.


It was quickly clear to me Jacobs knows what he’s talking about, is passionate and sincere in his beliefs and has a knowledge of history. It was also obvious to me Glenn Jacobs loves Knoxville and Tennessee. I was processing all of this as I hung up the phone and then remembered I hadn’t bothered to ask him directly just what he’s running for!!

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