Mayor 2018

You might think it’s a bit early to be writing about a campaign that’s almost two years away, but most of us realize once one election is over, the cycle for another starts. County Commissioner Bob Thomas is likely responsible for kicking off the campaign to succeed Mayor Tim Burchett with an uber early announcement he’s off and running.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a HUGE Tim Burchett fan. I’ve rarely ever seen anyone who is so constantly engaging with anyone and everyone. Burchett is one of those politicians who never stops campaigning, yet is, at least in my opinion, a good officeholder. Tim Burchett’s shoes will be hard to fill.

Bob Thomas has announced, but nobody believes he’ll have the field to himself, although his early announcement was likely an effort to scare off the competition. There are all kinds of folks thinking about it and here are a few of the names I’ve heard: Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond, TN State GOP Chairman Ryan Haynes, County Commissioner Brad Anders, former State Senator Stacy Campfield, former Commissioner R. Larry Smith and Knox County GOP Chairman Buddy Burkhardt, but the most interesting name that’s been floated is Glenn Jacobs, local insurance man and better known as WWE wrestler Kane. After the year of Donald Trump would voters be interested in somebody like Glenn Jacobs who is soooo not a politician? Could be.

The City of Knoxville could have a new mayor, too, if Madeline Rogero is tapped for a federal post in a Hillary Clinton administration. The Vice Mayor would serve briefly before the City Council elects a mayor to serve in the interim before the next election, which is how Daniel Brown became mayor.

If you want to follow Bob Thomas and his mayoral campaign his website is; his Facebook is simply Bob Thomas and his Twitter is Bob Thomas@BobThomasKNOX.

Be blessed and stay informed.

Y’all come back, hear?

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