What Can you Build With Cans?

Hello Loves, A local construction company has just melted my heart and made me proud to be a Knoxvillian all in one thought. Messer Construction Company is helping fight to end hunger with their Construction event.  This event is globally recognized for its giant  creations made out of all cans! That’s right reduce, reuse, recycle. … Continue reading What Can you Build With Cans?

What to do This Weekend?

Hello Loves,   Are you looking for weekend events and what is going on in Knoxville? Here is the list of events that your go to girl for Knoxville talked about on Real News Talk Radio 92.3 this morning. You can always listen every Friday at 9:30 a.m. If you can't, check out my list … Continue reading What to do This Weekend?

Homeless and Mayor Rogero

Hello Loves, Local 8 News reported on Tuesday that Mayor Rogero had the homeless shelters that were home to the majority of Downtown Knoxville’s homeless population under the I-40 overpass torn down and cleaned up. Many Knoxvillians like me are on the fence over this. Like me, they understand the need to clean up that … Continue reading Homeless and Mayor Rogero

Door to Door Donuts

Hello Loves, I have BIG NEWS!!! As most of you know there's a few things I love about life and top 5 is DONUTS! What is better than a donut, but a Makers Donut delivered straight to your house? Yes you read that correctly Makers Donuts has partnered with Uber Eats and now you can … Continue reading Door to Door Donuts

Don Ridings Artisan Crafts Fair

Hello Loves, This election season I have been blown away by the fundraising ideas these new candidates have come up.  One candidate that has taken fundraising to new limits is Don Ridings.  Ridings has put together an Artisan Crafts Fair at Sun Dance Farm and Event Center, 12131 Prater Ln, Knoxville Tn 37922. This event … Continue reading Don Ridings Artisan Crafts Fair

Republican Events You can Attend

Hello Loves, There are a couple Republican events  that I have been made aware of happening this week that. You're invited to all of them if you want to be around like minded people. Like always if you have an event that you want to be shared contact your go to girl at McCallaAroundKnox@gmail.com. Here … Continue reading Republican Events You can Attend

O Christmas Tree on Rocky Top

Hello Loves, I started a new tradition with my family this year. The day after Thanksgiving we decided to head downtown to the city’s lighting of the downtown Krutch Park Christmas Tree event. The event was to start at 6pm with lots of kid friendly events, free donuts and train rides. So I loaded up … Continue reading O Christmas Tree on Rocky Top